Hey! My name is Barbara. I am a guide and lover of Krakow. I’m very passionate about the city of Krakow and wish to share that passion with you.

Krakow is full of surprises and untold stories. It is a place where everyone will find something for themselves – the buzz of the street and night life, silence and a place for contemplation, satisfaction of historical and artistic curiosity. It is a city of numerous cultures, centuries-old tradition and art. It is a city that will never be fully understood but it is a pleasure to discover it.

So regardless if you are looking for an active holiday or you are interested in the royal capital of Poland, BikeMePoland can make you an offer that will satisfy your needs.

I organize walking, cycling and kayaking trips around Krakow and suburbs. Exploring, everyday learning of nooks and crannies is my passion and way of life. I want to show you what you will not read in guidebooks.

I am a licensed guide of Krakow but there are also other trips which you can choose from:

I can bring life to the medieval Krakow in the Underground Market Museum and introduce you to the realities of Krakow during the Second World War on the Memorial Trail (The Oskar Schindler’s Enamel Factory, The Eagle Pharmacy and Pomorska Street).

I am a qualified tourism instructor for cycling, kayaking and skiing. All year round, I offer walking, biking and canoeing trips, and skiing during the winter season.